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NVision Specialized Training Assists Navy's Reverse Engineering


NVision Hand Held Scanner(May 5, 2011) - Customized, on-site training provided by NVision, Inc. is helping a Naval Air Station (NAS) improve its reverse engineering process.

After experiencing significant frustration and sub-standard scanning results, the NAS contacted NVision, which regularly works with every branch of the U.S. military and specializes in providing scanning solutions and customized, on-site training in the use of laser scanners for reverse engineering. An NVision engineer traveled to the base and spent four days extensively training its personnel on site in the use of laser scanning equipment and software. "Our on-site training with actual parts is one of the reasons why NVision's work with the military continues to grow," says Colin Ellis, Engineering Manager at NVision. "NVision is unique in that we provide full turnkey solutions from start to finish including training instead of having clients purchase separate hardware, software, and training from different places, which happened in this case."

Engineers and machinists at the base regularly need to reverse engineer complex replacement parts for naval aircraft in order to keep the planes and helicopters in peak flying condition. Although this NAS purchased a 3D laser scanner for reverse engineering from another vendor a few years ago, the vendor's lack of a thorough training program limited the ability of its personnel to reverse engineer parts in military aircraft. Sadly, the original training was on parts completely unrelated to those used at an NAS facility and with software not suitable for the station's needs.

The NVision engineer initially had some difficulty using the base's scanning equipment due to its inherent limitations. These issues included a very small laser strip width, tiny stand-off distance, and limited depth of field. Thankfully he was he able to resolve all of the NAS's issues and concerns by providing the facility with two new high-speed portable workstation computers and extensive training on XOR software using the station's own parts and real-world scenarios.

"Fortunately, with NVision's superior level of on-site training and the XOR software, we were able to bring the NAS completely up to speed on reverse engineering their complex parts," says Ellis. "The base now plans to replace their current rudimentary and slow scanner with an NVision high-accuracy and wide-stripe scanner in order to speed up their reverse engineering process even more."

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