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NVision Now Offers Industrial CT Scanning


ct scanning, industrial ct scanning, reverse engineering, 3d scanning, 3d laser scanning, NVision CT Scanning(February 23, 2011) - NVision's Engineering Service Division is now offering  industrial CT scanning for reverse engineering and full inspection of components.

Industrial CT (Computed Tomography) scanning is a process which utilizes x-ray  equipment to produce 3D representations of both internal and external components.  

According to Steve Kersen, NVision's Vice President of Sales and Marketing, "CT scanning is typically utilized when a customer's requirements exceed  the capabilities of laser scanning. For example, it's extremely useful for accurately modeling or inspecting the internal geometry of transparent materials, which  would be obscured for laser scanners, or for detecting hidden flaws in plastic moldings and castings."

The best results from CT scanning can be achieved on non-metallic components  fitting within an envelope of 150mm diameter. Metallic and larger items can  be CT scanned, but the resolution and accuracy decreases. The output received from the CT scanner is a STL (stereo lithography) format  file, which is opened in specialized software for inspection against a CAD file,  or used to create a CAD file in the customer's required native format.

NVision is currently employing CT scanning on a number of projects for customers,  such as small medical components, electronic and fiber optic connectors, and  ceramic components.

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