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NVision Expands Dallas-Ft. Worth Office


laser scanning, 3d scanning services, 3d scan services, reverse engineering, cad modeling, ct scanning, NVision Expands DFW Office(April 15, 2009) - In a welcome reversal of the current trend toward downsizing, NVision, Inc. is expanding its Dallas-Ft.Worth office in Coppell, Texas, in order to meet the sales demand for its high accuracy 3D non-contact measurement systems. The expansion includes both additional personnel and equipment and  will increase NVision's ability to satisfy the growing demand for its contract  reverse engineering and inspection services from the aerospace, power generation, defense, oil, and medical industries.

"We are optimistic that the new level of sales we are experiencing is a sign that the economy is slowly but surely getting back on the upswing," said Steve Kersen, President of NVision. "We are seeing increased demand for the MAXOS and for our contract services from customers that need high speed  automated production inspection with the highest possible accuracy. Bringing more equipment and people into our Dallas-area office will enable us to support more customers and deliver more service bureau projects."

"The MAXOS solution provides a substantially higher level of accuracy  and inspection speed than coordinate measurement machines (CMMs)," Kersen added. "This helps explain why a major commercial airline maintenance facility has just purchased a MAXOS. But companies that have only periodic needs for reverse engineering and inspection are finding our contract service bureau model to be ideal because it eliminates capital investment in equipment, software, personnel and training."

"After so much gloomy economic news, it is a sincere pleasure to be able  to announce this expansion of our facilities," concluded Kersen.


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