NVision Expands Detroit Office
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NVision Expands Detroit Office To Meet High Demand For New Inspection System


(October 25, 2007) -- NVision, Inc. is expanding its Detroit-area office in Wixom, MI in order to meet the high demand for its MAXOS high speed, non-contact inspection system. The expansion will also allow NVision to satisfy the increasing demand for contract reverse engineering and inspection services.

“The MAXOS solution provides a substantially higher level of accuracy and inspection speed than coordinate measurement machines (CMMs),” said Steve Kersen, President of NVision. “We are seeing unprecedented demand for the MAXOS and for our contract inspection services from companies that want high speed automated production inspection at the highest possible speed and accuracy. To meet this demand we are bringing more equipment and people into our Detroit-area office. This will enable us to support more MAXOS customers and deliver more service bureau projects.”

The MAXOS system is designed for automated high-speed production inspection of polished and unpolished bare metal, plastics and glass. The MAXOS non-contact probe measures individual points with a single light spot, thus eliminating the inherent inaccuracies of a physical contact probe such as the inability to accurately measure objects with very small radii or extremely sharp edges. It also offers the advantage of being able to scan polished parts, even mirrored and lapped surfaces, without having to coat them as is required with laser scanning. As a result, the MAXOS scanner provides an exceptionally high accuracy of +/- 2 m on matt surfaces and +/- 10 m on polished metal. It can achieve a point spacing resolution of 0.2 m without pausing. Additionally, since the MAXOS has no ball probe and is not limited by ball-offset geometry, it can inspect radii of less than 0.1 mm.

In additional to greater accuracy, the MAXOS also provides substantial improvements in speed over traditional inspection and reverse engineering technologies. Unlike CMMS, its measurement speed is not limited by the need to make physical contact with each point that is measured. The MAXOS collects individual points at a rate of 100 per second and utilizes up to 7 axes. All of these axes can be controlled to ensure smooth and fast movement even on difficult-to-measure horizontal geometry and blade platforms. NVision offers the MAXOS system for sale on a turnkey basis including installation, programming, training and service.

The increased equipment capabilities of the expanded office will allow NVision’s service clients to take advantage of the resulting accuracy improvements and cost reductions. The contract service bureau is ideal for companies that have only periodic needs for reverse engineering and inspection; therefore saving capital investment in equipment, software, personnel and training.


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