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NVision Expands Contract Services Division To Meet High Demand


Turbine Blade, non-contact reverse engineering and inspection work, high accuracy scanners, cad modeling(June 11, 2008) - NVision, Inc. is expanding its Contract Service Division in order to meet the high demand for non-contact reverse engineering and inspection work. The expansion includes new personnel as well as the addition of new capabilities, including faster parametric CAD modeling and upgraded high accuracy scanners.

“NVision is the leader in high accuracy non-contact scanning services and sales,” said Steve Kersen, President of NVision. “We are seeing unprecedented demand for contract service reverse engineering and inspection. To meet this demand we are bringing more equipment and people into our Detroit-area office.”

NVision personnel are experts in reverse engineering, CAD, and inspection methods and each has years of practical experience. NVision’s scanning systems are capable of scanning parts smaller than a dime and larger than an airplane. Scanning can be performed on-site or at an NVision facility.

NVision offers the unique capability of converting the point cloud generated by laser scanning directly to a parametric solid model. This substantially reduces the cost and lead time of most scanning projects. NVision can provide parametric solid models in native SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, CATIA and Unigraphics formats.

Impeller, scanning contract services, non-contact reverse engineering and inspection work, high accuracy scanners, cad modelingNVision’s new MAXOS solution provides a substantially higher level of accuracy and inspection speed than coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) on complex surfaces. Unlike other scanning systems, the MAXOS system can scan polished and unpolished bare metal, plastics and glass without a white coating, providing substantial improvements in accuracy.

NVision’s contract service division is ideal for companies that have only periodic needs for reverse engineering and inspection; therefore saving capital investment in equipment, software, personnel and training.



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