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CT Scanners

Computed Tomography (CT) scanning is one of the most accurate and versatile scanning technologies available today for test/inspection and reverse engineering. CT scanning utilizes x-rays to produce 3D representations of both internal and external components. It is typically utilized when a customer’s modeling or inspection requirements exceed the capabilities of laser scanning. This is often the case with devices that contain internal geometry, which would be obscured for laser scanners.ct scanning, 3d images, 3d scans of internal components, external components, laser scan, 3d scan, reverse engineering, versatile scanning, medical, commercial, industrial

  • Fast and accurate: With CT scanning, design and manufacturing requirements for both internal and external components are confirmed quickly and with the highest degree of accuracy from 0 .0002 inches / 0.005 mm. The dataset from the scan can then be used for rapid part-to-part inspection, part-to-CAD inspection, or reverse engineering to a native CAD file.
  • Versatile: CT scanning delivers excellent results whether the object is large or small, metal or plastic, geometrically complex or possessing relatively simple contours and angles. Systems range from 80 kV to 9 MeV.

  • Non-Invasive and non-destructive: CT scanning enables you to see your object’s internal components in their functional position without requiring disassembly of the object. Further, internal components can be inspected and measured without any destructive testing.

NVision's CT Scanning was recently featured in Medical Design Briefs, article entitled "Using CT Scanning to Test / Inspect Medical Devices in the Design or Production Phase" (April 2013). Read the article here.

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